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Semenax Side Effects – Is it Really Safe?

Semenax also known as Semanex is a leading semen volume enhancement product distributed and sold solely by Leading Edge Herbals. Many people confuse this product with Viagra. In fact, this product is very different from Viagra. The motive of Viagra is to induce erections in men but Semenax’s motive is to increase the volume of your ejaculations so that your sexual experience gets enhanced.

This product is good for men having low semen count as it provides better and longer orgasms. The latest research reveals that men using Semenax pills have experienced an increase in semen volume as high as 500%. Since results vary from person to person, an average increase of 200% has been reported. This product is a boon for the men of any age desiring for their happy and enjoyable sexual life. Unlike many other similar products available in the market Semenax ingredients consists mainly of 100% natural proprietary amino acids. Most of us are aware only about the Semenax benefits. In fact, this product has some possible side effects also which one should keep in mind before trying this product.

Here are the possible Semenax side effects or complaints:

Harder Erections: In some cases, men using Semenax tend to get harder erections. Due to this, the size of your penis increases slightly. This increase in size may be hazardous for penis, which is already in a huge condition. This increase in size may appear frightening to your sex partner. That is the reason why this particular effect has been considered as one of the Semenax complications. Opinion of people varies for this also. Some people consider this as a side effect while for some this is nevertheless a side effect.

Increase Fertility Level: Well Men consuming Semenax pills will get an increase in the sperm mobility. Due to increases in sperm mobility, fertility levels increase. This ultimately increases the chances of conceiving a baby. This is not acceptable to people who are not planning for a child. Use of Semenax increases the pregnancy chances for your woman. This is the reason why this effect is considered as one of the Semenax problems. Again, the opinion of people varies for this effect of product also. For some couples who are planning for a child this is not a side effect at all. In fact it a bonus effect for them in the form of pregnancy.

Increases Male Libido: Semenax is nevertheless a libido-enhancing product. However, in some men Semenax has shown increase in vigor for sex. This effect of Semenax is considered as side effect because it will keep you horny throughout the day, which is very bad if you are a working professional. You will also feel distracted from daily activities. It is advisable to consume Semenax only when you do not have any professional commitments or when you are in a position to cope this effect.

The above side effects of Semenax pills are generally not to worry about. However, there are some other possible negative side effects, which associate with Semenax ingredients as follow:

Low blood Pressure: As one of the Semenax Ingredients, L-Arginine  is good for erectile dysfunction, but there some possible side effects associated with L-Arginine, such as bloating, diarrhea, allergies, and low blood pressure. These happen only with high dosage. If you take L-Arginine as part of supplement like Semenax pills then you are safe because Semenax is an herbal supplement with low dosage of L-Arginine.

Faster Heart Rate: Semenax contains tribulus terrestris and some reported side effects of tribulus terrestris include slightly faster heart rate, increased energy and restlessness. These side effects are more common and only with doses above 500 mg. Semenax definitely contains low dose of tribulus terrestris.

Stomach Upset: You may experience an upset stomach or diarrhea in the beginning when you first take Semenax because it contains Catuaba Bark. However, this will be very short and will go way after few days or one week.

Though the side effects of Semenax discussed above can be ignored as they are not life threatening and only come with high dosage. Still these side effects should be kept in mind before trying this product so that you can fully enjoy the benefits of this wonderful product.


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