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Kegel Exercise and Male Potency Pills – The Best Combination for Stronger Male Orgasms

Some men are not satisfied with the intensity of their orgasms. In most cases, they usually experience shorter and weaker ejaculations. If you have a weak ejaculation, then you will never achieve full satisfaction when you make love to your partner.

The problem is that weak orgasms can also lead to more serious issues. Because you can not satisfy yourself, your libido will suffer. Your self esteem will be affected which could lead to total sexual dysfunction.

To avoid sexual failure and to improve the intensity and strength of your orgasms, you need to learn the proper Kegel exercise techniques. You must also strengthen orgasmic intensity by taking the right male potency pills. Combining Kegel exercise with potency pills is the key to achieve better male orgasms.

Overview of Kegel Exercise

The Kegel exercise was developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel. He was a gynaecologist who discovered the effective ways to strengthen and tighten the genital muscles. Originally, Kegel exercise was designed for women who want to normalize and strengthen the shape of their vaginal muscles.

Today, the Kegel technique is widely practiced by both men and women. For men, the exercise specifically targets the pubococcygeus muscle. If you can strengthen the PC muscle, more blood will circulate around the pelvic region. The increased blood flow will improve the intensity of your orgasms. You will be able to experience powerful and longer climax the moment you ejaculate.

The good thing about Kegel exercise is that you can perform it whenever you want and wherever you are. But before you start trying the Kegel, you should learn how to locate the PC muscle.

Try stopping the flow when you urinate by clenching the muscles of your pelvic floor. The muscle you used to stop the flow of urine is the PC muscle. You can also locate the PC muscle by moving your erect penis upwards or downwards.

To perform the Kegel exercise, you have to squeeze the PC muscle for 5 seconds and slowly relax it. Repeat this routine five times if you are a beginner. You should increase the number of repetitions as you develop the strength of the PC muscle. Perform the exercise everyday in order to get better results.

Further Boost Your Orgasm with Male Potency Pills

The Kegel technique is effective. But if you combine it with male potency pills, then you will surely enjoy far better and more powerful results. A male potency solution will boost the production of semen so you can enjoy increased ejaculatory volume. Aside from stronger contractions due to strong PC muscles, the orgasmic sensations will last longer as you ejaculate more semen.

The best male potency pill available for you is Semenax. Doctors recommend this male sex enhancer for those who are suffering from low libido and reduced semen volume. Semenax is a proven solution that can boost semen production by as much as 500 percent. It also enhances the sex drive because of its potent amino acid content.

Semenax is an all natural solution made purely from plant extracts. It is safe to use everyday and you can easily buy it even without prescription. You can now say goodbye to weak orgasms and low semen volume because Semenax can surely improve your condition. By combining it with Kegel exercise, your sex life will never be the same again.

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